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The Group has since gone back to its founding business, aviation and is re-establishing its pedigree in aviation. The growing demand for regional air transport has increased significantly over the last few years. The company has a number of fixed wing aircraft and is providing charter services in East and Central Africa based out of Wilson Airport.

Through various initiatives in the aviation industry, Wilken is committed to growing this line of our business in order to serve more customers and the growing regional demand. Wilken Aviation is strategically located at Wilson Airport from where it has operated since inception in 1962.


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Wilken operates the following aircraft that will meet your requirements. Careful consideration has been paid to the unique requirements.

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The Andover has exceptional performance allowing cargo to be delivered to remote sights on short airfields and remote locations. The rear ramp allows up to 5 tones of cargo to be loaded and can be used to transport vehicles to these remote locations.

C130 Hercules


A known freight carrier and used for heavy load relief operations with a payload of 21000 kg with cargo volume of 88 cubic meter, and a cargo door of 3×2.8m, The cruise speed 325 Kt or 550 km/h gives the aircraft the ability to deliver at short notice to key locations and has a range 2300 Nm or 4000 km ideal for the remote locations in Africa.

Forker 27

fokkerVery few modern aircraft will be able to compete with the Fokker 27-500. At WILKEN the fleet is fitted with last generation instrument to enjoy the robustness of the older design and the safety offer by the 21st Century equipment.

CASA 212 

mpesaThough slower than other aircraft in its class, he have the advantage of having a large cargo hold and a rear ramp access that can accommodate a normal Saloon car.

Let 410


An aircraft designed to take off and land with 19 passenger or 1700 kg cargo on short and rough runways. Their cargo door makes it very friendly to any cargo operator. Over the years it has become one of the preferred aircraft for the NGO network worldwide thanks to its performance to operate for a long period of time away from any maintenance facility. Wilken used the aircraft regularly during the tour of “Don Bosco among us 2012”


cessnaIs a fast long range jet aircraft most suitable for VIP and Medivac solutions. Wilken uses this aircraft with state of the art medical equipment that allows it to be an air Ambulance. The aircraft has a range of 4,000 miles with crew comprising two pilots and  paramedic personal. The aircraft can be mobilized in less than one hour. 

BAE 146
It is on Combi Configuration, the change from a full cargo configuration into a passenger configuration of 80 seats can be done in less than one hour.

Thanks to its large cargo door, the loading of bulky cargo is made possible. The combination of passenger and cargo is possible on this aircraft. At cruise level of 40000 feet the speed can exceed 750 km/h as its four Jet engines are pushing the aircraft and a distance of 2000 km can be reached with maximum payload of 9000 kg.

ATR 42
atr42The ATR has the capability of being used for both cargo and passenger. The conversion can be done in less than a day and gives the option of 42 passengers or a cargo airlift weight of 4,500kgs. The aircraft is capable of travelling at 500 km per hour and is ideal for emergency relief support.

Meet our Team 

We are the local representatives of Agusta Westland an Anglo-Italian helicopter design and manufacturing company.

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